Patient Testimonials

I have had the privilege of working with and being treated by Dr. Jeff Sklar. He is an excellent practitioner who brings skills, knowledge and compassion to his practice.

Susan Eckhardt

Sklar is the best! I was lucky to be his neighbor and he was such a gift in my life. If I had an ache that needed attention, I’d go to Jeff and he’d easily correct it. Without him, I know the pain would have continued.

Sharla Feldscher

Dr Sklar has helped me recover from a number of musculoskeletal ailments, always in an expert manner, with kindness and compassion. As a physician, I have trusted him to improve the quality of life for countless patients who I have referred to him over the years.

Anthony Perre

Sklar was treating my upper/lower back pain for over 7 years. His compassion, professionalism and diligence shine through his work.

I was apprehensive of being adjusted, but his gentle manipulation left me pain free.

Debi Adams

Dr. Sklar treated me as a patient at my former employer. He did an awesome job working through knotted tissue in my back to get to the problem at hand. I am a continuous patient!

Janeen Scaife

Dr. Sklar helped me through a really tough time dealing with chronic upper back pain. Jeff is incredibly talented, patient, and personable. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for chiropractic work.

Thomas Chervenak

Thank you for the adjustments you helped me with during my time at CTCA. Your attention to my spine and alignment has helped to ease much of my lower back pain and has put my back on the path to recovery and wellness! I also want to thank you for playing the mantra music for my during my treatment. This form of sacred chanting and music is close to my heart. Thanks again!

Marty LaFord

Dr Sklar is the first doctor to cure my headache without medication! This is a strong statement coming from an active brain cancer patient ! He is the perfect representation of the CTCA approach to heal the mind, body and soul. Thank you!

Felecia Wade

As a fellow runner, Dr. Sklar understands the importance of remaining competitive throughout the adult years. His skillful hands and positive expertise have kept me going when minor injuries got in the way.

Carol M, Physician Assistant

Physician Testimonials

I have known Dr. Jeff Sklar, chiropractor since 2009. Dr. Sklar is a trail blazer in chiropractic medicine. As a hospital administrator, I was able to observe Dr. Sklar objectively in his role as a clinician and an educator. During my time at CTCA, Dr. Sklar was sought out around the country and overseas by chiropractic universities, state associations and holistic organizations to lecture and teach specialized chiropractic methods and nuanced approaches for cancer patients. Moreover, I had the opportunity to read many of his case reports and peer reviewed articles that were published over the years.

He has proven to be a top tier chiropractor and skillful clinician. He has an unparalleled perspective regarding cancer patients and chiropractic medicine. He understands the havoc cancer has on the body as well as the unfortunate side effects that treatment can have. He is result oriented track record was proven as he consistently scored in the highest percentile of patient and peer to peer satisfaction surveys.

During his tenure, he helped over hundreds of patients and their care givers through many difficult parts of their cancer journey. One would be hard pressed to find someone as passionate about quality of life and patient centered care for cancer patients.

It is evident that he takes pride in the way he practices. He is a kindhearted and hardworking man.

Kristin Mullen
CEO at E & A Therapy, Inc.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

I have known Dr. Sklar, for over 10 years. During his tenure at CTCA, there was never a time when he was not immediately available for a same day “evaluate and treatment” request. As a breast surgeon, I have had many patients with scar tissue pain. Over the years countless patients always came back from him signing his praises. I would not trust just any chiropractor with my cancer patients.

Jeff is a hardworking and committed clinician. His patient centered approach and focus on “quality of life” for his patients has shown to be a driving force in his success. That is demonstrated by his top scores patient and peer satisfaction surveys. He is a team player and is motivated by good outcomes for patients.

Finally, Dr. Sklar is warm and friendly man. I recommend him to any facility or organization that needs a skilled dedicated chiropractor and healer.

Dr. Steven Standiford, MD, FACS, Surgical Oncology

Dr. Jeff Sklar he has helped over hundreds of patients through many difficult parts of their cancer journey. My patients were always grateful for me
referring them for his services.

His work with quality-of-life care for cancer patients is admirable. His focus on patient centered care has comforted countless patients and their families over the years. He is incredibly compassionate, warm and engaging. It is evident that he takes pride in the way he practices. He is a kindhearted  man.

Sramila Aithal, M.D.
Chief of Medical Oncology
Director, Co-Lead of Breast Center for Advanced Oncology
Philadelphia Magazine Top Doc

Chiropractic care has been of benefit for my patient’s quality of life by improving their pain, mobility and functional capacity. These are measurable, and in oncology can often positively impact other factors such as overall survival.

Anthony Perre, MD Director of New Patient Intake & Vice Chief of Administrative Affairs
Eastern Regional Medical Center
Philadelphia Magazine Top Doc

I have known Dr. Jeff Sklar, chiropractor for nearly a decade. Dr. Sklar’s tenure at Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been exemplary. He is a trailblazer in his profession being one of a select group of chiropractors that treat only cancer patients. Because of his unique talents and successes with patients, Dr. Sklar has been sought after by universities, state associations and oncology related conferences. His passion for educating others in the nuances of oncology care is easily seen through numerous published case reports and article, as well as lectures around the country and overseas.

Moreover, his compassion toward patients and ambitious drive for best practices and positive results are overshadowed by his dedication and focus on quality of life and patient care.

Marie Markman, M.D.
President, Medicine & Science, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Chief Clinical Officer, CTCA Health
Clinical Professor of Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine

I frequently refer my patients who are receiving cancer targeted therapies such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted oral therapies to Dr. Sklar for conservative management of a multitude of therapy-related side effects including peripheral neuropathy, musculoskeletal pain syndromes, nausea, constipation, headaches, insomnia, and management of stress and anxiety related to their health and other stressors. I can’t count the number of times that patients had rapid relief of many symptoms to the extent that they did not require any supportive pharmacologic interventions. In addition, Dr. Sklar’s compassionate and knowledgeable bedside manner always puts patients at ease. He is an invaluable member of the multidisciplinary oncologic care team.”

Rebecca Leese, PA-C

Our team has noticed very positive areas of feedback from our patients on their chiropractic experiences. Of particular note there has been significant improvement in symptoms from neuropathy of all degrees of severity. Several patients have noticed an improvement after the first treatment. The other major area has been in lessening chronic pain. Some of our patients have commented that they were so relieved to note another method to combat pain which is very effective. Keep up the terrific work!

Pamela Crilley, DO Chief of Medical Oncology
Eastern Regional Medical Center

Over the past 5 years my patients tell me Dr, Sklar improves their quality of life. Dr. Sklar is a compassionate clinician who has helped many of my cancer patient’s symptoms with relieving their musculoskeletal pain.  He manages a variety of joint and back pain related to their cancer and noncancer diagnoses.  He also has treated many of my patients with neuropathy from cancer related and non cancer related causes.  Dr. Sklar treats all of his patients with compassion and professionalism.”   He combines his chiropractor skills with an oncology background to customize his care for cancer patients wherever they are in their treatment plan.

Imran Shariff, MD
Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Dr Jeffery Sklar is a magical chiropractor who has helped numerous patients of mine with head and neck cancer. I remember, in particular, of my laryngectomy patient who’s pain was only relieved by Dr Sklar’s treatment by the bedside. He has helped my patients with neck stiffness, back pain and leg issues just to name a few. I have referred staff members to Dr Sklar who benefited from his services, and I attest to being “cured” of my aches and pains after his treatments. Dr Sklar, YOU are a Star!

Helen (Yoo) Yoo Bowne, MD

Dr. Sklar works wonders with cancer patients who have pain, nausea, fatigue and other consequences of advanced disease, major surgery or prolonged treatment. He helps patients to get control of their bodily symptoms, so they feel like persons again. I have never seen a patient leave his office without a smile.

Carol M, physician assistant from Harleysville, PA