Dr. Jeff Sklar Privacy Policy

Who we are

Dr. Jeffrey Sklar, DC specializes in chiropractic care in Philadelphia, PA. Our practice at https://sklarchiro.com/takes privacy and the security of collected data seriously.

Anonymous Information Collected

An IP address is an anonymous string of numbers that identifies each computer using the internet (both human and bots). It is tracked on our website by the following entities for better security, products offered, and marketing purposes.

Your browser may also send response headers with generic/anonymized information about the type of browser, computer/device, and ISP you are using, and your location by country only.

The privacy policy of each entity that collects this information is linked below, if you would like more info about them.

Google Analytics – so we can determine the type of products and content you are most interested in and create more of this.

InMotion Hosting – kept in the server logs so the host can identify and stop bad bot attacks.

YouTube – if you view a YouTube embedded video on the site, the IP info is sent to YouTube to record that the video has been viewed, just as it would if you had watched it directly on YouTube.

Disable Tracking

You can disable cookies through your own browser settings. Check with the browser vendor for more info on how to do that, if you wish.

How long we retain your data

If you fill out our contact form, this information is retained indefinitely.

Data erasure request

Dr. Jeff Sklar respects your privacy and intends to remain transparent about any personal data we store about individuals. Customers may request deletion of personal data stored on our servers by contacting us.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

Dr. Jeff Sklar, Chiropractor makes no representation, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency, or completeness of any privacy polices of 3rd party entities that information is shared with.


You may contact us directly with any concerns you may have about your info that is collected through the site.