Articles & Case Studies

Dr. Sklar is pleased to share some of his published material in treating on the success he has had treating patients in need.

Breathing Blog

In my lifetime, there has never been a global moment of unrest than the world we are currently experiencing together. To that point, breathing has never been a more significant part of my existence than now! So many of us

Quality of Life and Healthcare Providers

Quality of Life and Healthcare Providers   Quality of life is a term used very frequently these days as we emerge from the pandemic yet remain in a global crisis of environmental and manmade fears. What is it? Quality of

Biomechanics of the Spine Made Simple

One of the most important missions of the human nervous system is to fight gravity at any cost in hopes of maintaining and protecting the integrity of the human spine. The irony is that humans voluntarily fight gravity to wreak havoc on

Patient Centered Care

Gone are the days of house calls by doctors like Marcus Welby, MD and the like. Or are they? I recently treated someone at home, a neighbor of my community that was bed-ridden with back pain.  I am not an

Hill chiropractor relocates to Highland Avenue site

by Tiffany Rivera Chestnut Hill resident Jeff Sklar, 56, a chiropractor for more than 20 years, knows a thing or two about treating patients with various physical aches. He has treated conditions such as muscular/skeletal aches, pains, car accident and

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