Neuropathy is a common side effect of some commonly used chemotherapies that are platinum and taxane based. Although, these chemo drugs come with warnings of possible neuropathy, prevention and treatment of chemo induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is scarce in the oncology treatment world. Yet, neuropathy is one of the most common complaints from patients undergoing cancer treatment.

rebuilderOne technology that has been utilized is The ReBuilder which was developed designed primarily for peripheral neuropathy.  Where the most common types of therapeutic stimulation are designed to block pain channels in nerve conduction, ReBuilder functions to open up nerve channels that have been attacked by the chemo drug. The goal bifold, stop pain from chemo and reverse the painful sensations people feel in their hands and feet, such as walking on glass or lacking grip strength to screw off a toothpaste cap.

The ReBuilder was designed to have an over all impact of reducing neuropathy by sending a wake up call to targeted nerves. This improves the  strength of the supportive muscles allowing patients more time to do the things that add to their quality of life. Whether patients enjoy gardening, walks on the beach or working in a wood shop, when the collateral damage of cancer treatment diminishes normal activities of daily living, options like the ReBuilder are worth incorporating into a cancer wellness care

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